Los Angeles Drug Crime Attorneys

If you or a loved one is suspected or accused of committing a drug-related crime, you will need the services of a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer with experience to defend yourself or to reach an agreement that diminishes the possible penalty to which will face.

Our Los Angeles drug crime attorneys represent anyone charged with trafficking or possession of narcotics and other drug-related charges in the state of California. The attorneys at Lluis Law have more than 40 years of experience handling these cases.

In addition to representation before the court and support of the presumption of innocence to the fullest extent permitted by law, we fight hard against the charges seeking to be discarded and, if necessary, seek to obtain effective treatment for our clients against the use and abuse of the drugs.

The lawyers of Lluis Law when they take a case analyze it in detail and seek procedural errors often committed by the police, as well as evidence of misconduct, presentation of contradictory evidence, lack of evidence and any violation of the civil rights of the client.

The experience in the courts and the deep knowledge of the law, allow that many cases of the prosecution fall for these errors and the defendants are released. The charges presented by the prosecution for a drug possession case will depend on the amount and type of drug. If the drug is for personal use or was intended for sale and the criminal record of the accused.

When a person is convicted of a drug crime, she is incarcerated and depending on some circumstances and the lawyer they choose, they can get the benefit of probation. The fines imposed are generally very high.

The sentence may include the payment of compulsory drug counseling, the payment to the police of the cost of the investigation, the revocation of the driver’s license and the criminal drug registry before the local police.

Offenses related to drugs

In California these crimes include the possession, sale, transportation and manufacture of drugs. Also the traffic and distribution of narcotics as well as money laundering. Among the illegal drugs are the use or possession of cocaine, crack, marijuana, heroin, hashish, opium, LSD methamphetamine, PCP, GHB and ecstasy.

Drug offenses also involve the transportation, possession and sale of medicines and controlled substances; for example, Oxycontin, Vicodi, OxyFast, Roxicodone, fentanyl and steroids. Like the possession of drug paraphernalia, the consumption, possession and cultivation of marijuana.

Prescription drug abuse

Within the drug crimes are the abuse of prescription drugs. These drugs generate small alterations in people who are known as psychoactive effects. When ingested in doses higher than those prescribed by the doctor, they cause alterations in the minds of people.

Some of the medications prescribed along with their commercial names, whose abusive use is more frequent are the following:

  • Oxycodone (OxyContin)
  • Oxymorphone (Opana)
  • Fentanyl (Duragesic, Fentora)
  • Hydrocodone (Vicodin)
  • Hydromorphone (Dilaudid)
  • Propoxyphene (Darvon)
  • Methadone (Methadose, Dolophine)
  • Diphenoxylate – Lomotil
  • Meperidine – Demerol

Most abused medications (benzodiazepines):

  • Lorazepam (Ativan)
  • Diazepam (Valium)
  • Alprazolam (Xanax)
  • Clonazepam (Klonipin)
  • Barbiturate (Nembutal)

Most abused stimulants:

  • Methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta)
  • Dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine)
  • Amphetamines (Adderall, Vyvanse)

Convictions for possession of drugs and controlled substances

People who are convicted of the crime of “possession of a controlled substance” can face up to three years in prison in California, however, most of the people accused of this crime may be eligible to obtain the diversion of drugs of Proposition 36 or PC 1000.

The Health and Safety Code 11350 establishes that the possession of some drugs (cocaine, heroin, crack, ecstasy), and prescription drugs without a prescription (Codeine, Vicodin) are considered a misdemeanor. A good lawyer defending drug crimes can get these charges discarded by a bad police performance.

Other times, if it is a serious crime such as narcotics trafficking, the person can face many years of imprisonment, up to a sentence of life imprisonment. This will depend a lot on how the defense presents the case and, of course, on the skill, experience and knowledge of the law that the lawyer has.

Because for a serious drug case, the charges could end up being by simple possession and the client would be eligible for a drug diversion program and counseling, which could avoid having to go to prison.

In addition to the aforementioned crimes, we frequently receive other cases related to drugs that involve civil penalties, loss or confiscation of property (houses, vehicles, cash, etc.). Our attorneys will take a case to find the most effective way to face the accusation for the benefit of the client.

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Domestic Violence Lawyers of Los Angeles

If you or a loved one is suspected or accused of committing a crime of domestic violence, you will need the services of an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer to defend yourself or to reach an agreement that will lessen the possible penalty to which you will face.

Having a good domestic defense lawyer is critical, because it can protect you or your family if you have been the victim of a crime related to domestic violence. The lawyer can represent you and file a restraining order in a court, as well as request changes in a custody arrangement for your child.

In the same way, if you have been accused of proffering some type of physical or psychological threat against a relative or any other close being (family member, partner), you can be defended so that you have a new opportunity. There are cases in which a person is also the victim of false accusations on the part of their spouse or relative and needs to be defended.

The defense in these cases may be necessary when a couple separates or is in the process of divorce after an accusation of domestic violence. Often the legal dispute over custody of children becomes very harsh and requires an expert lawyer to lessen the disadvantage that this represents for the accused party.

What can we do for you?

Lluis Law’s domestic violence lawyers in Los Angeles often work hand in hand with their clients when they assume a defense, both of the victims and of those accused of any type of aggression. We work each case in a personal and dedicated way to achieve the best results.

In cases of domestic violence it is very important to demonstrate the willingness of the accused to redeem himself for his actions and improve family relationships. In this way it is possible for the prosecutor and the judge to relax and improve their perception of the accused and increase the chances of obtaining a more favorable result.

On the other hand, the psychological preparation of the accused is necessary to manage the anger on the platform and maintain a favorable attitude towards the resolution of the family conflict. All these elements will be put to the test during the trial, hence the importance of preparing the client very well.

Most frequent cases that we handle

We strive to help our clients uphold the presumption of innocence by appealing to all possible legal arguments. Thanks to our experience and creative and professional approach to cases of domestic violence, our defendants have often been able to avoid very drastic sentences in difficult legal situations such as:

– Family violence / aggression between spouses, this includes unmarried couples who live together.

– Elder abuse.

– Child abuse.

– Threats or criminal acts.

– Violation of restriction order.

– Sexual harassment.

Lluis Law’s lawyers offer their clients the possibility of participating in programs and services that will help them obtain greater legal protection, according to their cases and legal circumstances.

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Abogados de Defensa Criminal de los Ángeles

Si usted o un ser querido son sospechosos o fueron acusados de cometer un delito penal, necesitará los servicios de un abogado de defensa criminal de Los Ángeles con experiencia para defenderse o bien para lograr un acuerdo que disminuya la posible pena a la cual se enfrentará.

Incluso, si fue arrestado por algún crimen, esto no significa que usted tenga que ser condenado necesariamente, porque para eso están las leyes y los abogados: para defenderse. Los abogados de defensa criminal de Lluís Law algunas veces ayudan a sus clientes a reducir los cargos o rechazarlos por completo.

Decenas de casos de personas acusadas por cargos criminales han evitado ir a la cárcel y hasta borrar sus antecedentes penales. Ser acusado de cometer un delito penal, pone en riesgo la vida y la libertad de una persona, sin obviar que destruye hogares y compromete el futuro de esa persona y de su familia, pues ya nada podrá volver a ser como antes.

Los abogados de defensa criminal de Lluís Law en Los Ángeles, tienen más de 40 años de experiencia en el manejo de casos de delitos grave y delitos menores: DUI, violencia doméstica, delitos sexuales, posesión de drogas, posesión de armas, asesinato, robo y fraude, entre otros.

Defensa integral y dedicada

Ofrecemos una defensa integral durante todo el proceso judicial, de forma permanente, personal, dedicada y profesional en la cual el cliente siente que en realidad está siendo defendido. Nada de delegar los casos, ni esperar semanas para obtener información sobre cómo avanza el proceso en los tribunales.

El abogado de defensa criminal contratado debe tener oficio y conocimiento práctico de la ley y eso solo lo da la experiencia litigando en los tribunales. No todos los casos de delitos penales se rigen bajo las mismas reglas o procedimientos, por lo que es necesario que el abogado haya trabajado antes en un caso similar al suyo para ofrecer una defensa efectiva.

Así como el abogado penalista experto sabe de qué mecanismos, información y procedimientos se vale el gobierno para presentar una acusación, también el abogado defensor debe saber qué elementos serán necesarios de invocar para justificar legalmente determinadas acciones y procurar probar la inocencia del acusado.

El equipo de abogados de Lluís Law al tomar un caso lo estudia y busca la forma más efectiva de defender a un acusado. El bufete dispone de un equipo integrado por expertos investigadores en cada área para realizar investigaciones propias que proporcionen mejores pistas e información para presentar una defensa.

Esto incluye el interrogatorio de testigos, el examen a la escena del crimen en busca de pruebas que la policía u otros abogados pasan por alto. Además, se analiza la evidencia para tener una mejor apreciación de caso y presentar al jurado una versión de los hechos que favorezca al cliente.

¿Cómo elegir a un buen abogado de defensa criminal?

A menudo los acusados por delitos criminales son intimidados por la policía o el fiscal para que acepten los cargos criminales, a través de un acuerdo de culpabilidad. De ningún modo el acusado debe asustarse y aceptar cualquier acuerdo, sin  antes haber consultado con un abogado de defensa criminal con experiencia.

El problema es cómo saber si el abogado que estoy contratando realmente me defenderá y pondrá todo su conocimiento, experiencia y habilidad al servicio de mi caso. Una forma de elegir a un buen abogado penalista es revisar su hoja de servicios, su experiencia profesional comprobada, los testimonios de sus clientes, el número casos ganados, etc.

Recuerde que de la contratación de un abogado de defensa criminal eficiente, puede depender en mucho la absolución o la condena por el crimen del cual es acusado. Es una decisión de vida en la que el cliente queda en manos del abogado. El futuro del cliente queda sujeto en un alto grado al trabajo que el abogado desarrolle en los tribunales.

Ya sea que un jurado lo absuelva o que obtenga una reducción de la pena a través de una negociación con la parte acusadora, la calidad de la defensa que se elija será determinante en uno u otro caso. Hay mucho en juego como para arriesgarse y dejar en manos de inexpertos nuestro futuro y el de nuestra familia.

A la hora de contratar a un abogado debe considerar algunos criterios como: conocimiento de la ley y credenciales profesionales, costo de la representación, interés por el caso y si vive en la misma ciudad donde está radicado el juicio. Algo muy importante es la empatía entre abogado y cliente, si no se siente cómodo con el abogado contratado puede tener problemas más adelante.

Si busca un abogado de defensa criminal en Los Ángeles, debe asegurarse de contratar a uno con experiencia, capacidad y antecedentes profesionales comprobados. Sin importar el delito por el cual está siendo acusado, los abogados de Lluís Law pueden defenderlo y garantizarle que usarán todas las herramientas legales disponibles para preservar sus derechos legales.

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Los Angeles Credit Card Defense Lawyer

Credit Card Fraud Charges
Credit card fraud is a theft crime or crime involving the use of somebody else’s credit card that may be stolen.  Billions of bucks worth of credit card fraud occurs every year.  A nicked card may be used to get goods or services without the consent of the rightful owner.  It is considered a while collar crime in California.  It may invite heavy penalties.  There are very stern laws in place to defend the businesses and individuals from credit card fraud.  A fraud on credit cards may invite a prison sentence or heavy fines.  If you’ve been charged with fraud on credit cards, it is necessary to contact an experienced counsel who’s got the experience in successfully dealing with such cases.  As it can invite heavy fines and even a lifelong criminal mark, you must immediately contact a counsel to guard your rights and to carry forward your case in order to get a positive end result for you.  If you are facing credit automobile crime charges in the  Los Angeles area, please contact the Law Offices of Ramiro J.  Lluis for a consultation about the credit card charges that you are facing and what your  possible outcome is.

Los Angeles Battery Defense Lawyers

Battery Offense
Battery is the use of force against another person resulting in unwelcome damage or damaging contact.  If you have been charged with battery in California, it may lead to harsh sanctions.  Battery is considered as a misdemeanor in California, however, relying on the severity of the harm and circumstances, a battery can be a felony offense.  Battery may result in the more serious offenses in a jail sentence.  You want the services of an experienced criminal lawyer to challenge the charges placed against you and protect your rights.
An experienced criminal attorney can propose and implement different methods for the defense of your case :
Lack of intent : If the injuries were manufactured by accident and there was no intention to use force upon another person, then it doesn’t quality as battery.
Self Defense : If you were simply making an attempt to defend yourself from an attack, then it is not a battery.
If the person hasn’t got any injury, then it can’t be charged as a felony.  But if there are wounds, broke bones or cuts, it could be charged as a felony.
In California, a battery may ruin your personal record and put you behind bars for the violent crime.  You must instantly consult a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer to research your case and make each effort to reach a positive outcome for you.
The Law Firm of Ramiro J.  Lluis have been representing Californians in battery defense cases for over thirty years.  Please callour offices and schedule a consultation with one of our experienced and well informed Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys.

Los Angeles Assault Charge Lawyer

Los Angeles Assault Charges Defense Lawyer
Assault is outlined as an unlawful attempt, joined with a present ability, to commit a violent injury on an individual. It is a plan to lead to harm on someone. If you’ve been charged with assault you should right away consult a professional and experienced criminal defenselawyer.
An assault can result in a felony if it causes injury. An assault with a firearm or a pointy weapon is charged with a felony. If it does not cause an injury, it is charged with a misdemeanor. Your freedom can be instantly revoked if you are charged with an assault. It depends on the level of attack and the injuries caused to the person on whom the attack is done. An assault can attract prison or jail time, large fines, counseling and a mark on your personal criminal record. Your firearm license or maybe driving license may be cancelled. It could also result in the loss of work.
It’s necessary to hire a professional criminal defense attorney who has the experience and information to handle an a assault case and prepare a good defense methodology for you to obtain a positive end result for your case.
The Law Firm of Ramiro J. Lluis have been representing their clients in the Los Angeles area for over 30 years in the defense of assault charges. Callour office today for a consultation about your case.